Family Businesses and Consultants - “a match made in heaven”​?

Panel discussions are most fun when they are lively and a bit controversial. Our Managing Partner Ingrid Maass as a panelist discussed some questions around family run businesses and their use of management consultants on 13 November 2019. Read the highlights in this article (in German).

(Photo credit: Max von Eicken) 

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What makes a modern company in the age of ecosystems?

Peter F. Drucker has been described as "the founder of modern management". The Global Peter Drucker Forum takes place in Vienna each year and follows the thoughts of Peter F. Drucker into the presence.
The motto of the Global Peter Drucker Forum in 2019 “THE POWER OF ECOSYSTEMS. Managing In A Networked World”.
Our contribution to the GPDF blog aggregates our thoughts on the management of Modern Companies: „What makes a modern company in the age of ecosystems?“

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Aspects of a modern company and the bigger context

While in a previous post we discussed the what and why of a modern (professional services: consulting, creative, advising, engineering, brokering, etc.) company, today we start looking at different aspects that can and should be considered for becoming or staying modern.

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24. Januar 2020 | Berlin
acrossabridge Partner & Network meeting

The new year started with a meeting of the acrossabridge network. Our new advisor Gabriele Sons as well as experts Christian Anlauf, Andreas Laus and Roland Jungenkrueger came together for a day of intense discussions while our partner Kerstin Ventroni unfortunately could not make it. We covered a wide range of subjects from ongoing client engagements and potential customers to strategic direction as well as our collaboration. An intense and charming day that left us all in a great mood for the weekend.

Team outside
(Photo credit: Reinhard Gorn, Falkensee)


13. November 2019 | 19:00 | Munich
„Beratungsresistent. Was Familienunternehmen in Zeiten der Digitalisierung riskieren.“

Wir wollen wissenschaftlich belegt darüber diskutieren, welche Meinungen, Einstellung und Erfahrungen Führungskräfte im deutschen Familienunternehmen gegenüber freien Beratern wirklich haben. Darüber hinaus wollen wir beleuchten, was Familienunternehmen in Zeiten der Digitalisierung ohne professionelle Beratung riskieren.

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30. September 2019 | Munich
Bits & Pretzels

On September 30, 2019 Kerstin and Ingrid joined the official side event of Bits & Pretzels the „Media Startup Night Vol. 4“. We presented ourselves as a young company with a lot of consulting expertise in the Media industry and also were on the lookout for interesting startups for investors. Apart from interesting conversations about artificial intelligence the networking was really great.Bits & Pretzels(Photo credit: Media Lab Bayern)