acrossabridge is focused on success management for professional service firms, i.e. Management Consulting, IT-Consulting, Audit & Tax as well as Communications Consulting and Agencies. In addition we have worked with high-growth tech oriented companies with a strong service component.

In many years of working successfully in PSF we have gained extensive industry knowledge, designed processes and managed growth and internationalization.

We know the challenges of day-to-day business and the burdens created by additional projects.

But we also understand the importance of strategic clarity, a meaningful management and governance model as well as efficient, integrated and user-friendly IT support to make customers, shareholders and employees happier and the business more transparent and profitable.

Far reaching automization (e.g. known as Professional Services Automation - PSA) makes sure that an integration of processes allows state-of-the-art workflows and avoids aministrational overload. In any case, acrossabridge is vendor agnostic with regard to IT systems and offers tailor-made support to their clients.


Our Team

acrossabridge maass ingrid

Ingrid Maaß, Partner
Dipl.-Kaufmann | > 20 years operational & consulting experience in Professional Service Firms | International experience: Europe, USA, Asia | Strategy, Management models, M&A, Mentoring

Linkedin-Profile Ingrid Maaß



acrossabridge umlauf christian

Christian Anlauf, Expert Strategy, Processes & IT

M. Sc. Betriebswirtschaftslehre | > 5 years consulting experience in Strategy, Business Development and IT | Strategy, Processes, PSA, Coaching

Linkedin-Profile Christian Anlauf

acrossabridge ventroni kerstin

Kerstin Ventroni, Partner
MSc Industrial and Communications Psychology | Certified systemic coach (dbvc) | > 10 years operational & consulting experience in Professional Service Firms | International experience: Europe, USA, Asia | Organisation development, Change Management, Coaching, 

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We build trusting relationships with our clients, employees and our network. Together with all parties involved in the project, we are working towards a single goal and are convinced that collaboration will produce better results.

acrossabridge is a consulting firm whose employees come from the operational business and have designed control systems as well as selected and implemented IT systems for their companies. We know the day-to-day business and enjoy helping our clients to become more efficient. We work with our clients on site, moderate workshops, document processes, discuss and negotiate with system providers ... whatever needs to be done in your project, we get it done.

To act flexibly , proactively and with the end goal in mind is a key success factor for consulting projects. Nevertheless, there is often a difference in the understanding of initiative and anticipation within an organization. acrossabridge also sees itself as a mediator between the worlds and drivers of a proactive approach regarding the often static ERP-systems.

We help our clients to sustainably increase company value and profitability, to better manage their own organizsations in times of growth or crisis, and to increase transparency and efficiency. We only represent the interests of our clients, passionately and independently.


How we work at acrossabridge is inextricably linked to where we come from.

Although we look back on a wide variety of experiences, one credo unites us: we work with entrepreneurial spirit, independence and humor.

Our strengths are our different professional backgrounds and life experiences as well as the courage to ask uncomfortable questions. We want to understand what really keeps our clients awake at night and we work in trusting relationships with them.

We are particularly connected to the professional service industry understanding the special challenges, the necessary compromises and the unconditional customer focus from years of operational and consulting experience in the industry.

Our customers understand strategy, entrepreneurship and corporate management as a package. They want to or have to question the status quo and use the best argument instead of organizing hierarchies. Most importantly, they want to build on a true entrepreneurial perspective that goes beyond the traditional partner ownership model in PSF.

We are at your side in these processes of change with humor, empathy, a keen eye for connections and analytical reason.


Our network partners share our values and support you or us in terms of methodology as well as content. In addition, we have good working relationships with numerous providers of IT systems, so that we have unbureaucratic and rapid access to information on systems, services and current developments as needed.