Who we are

Ingrid Maaß

Dipl.-Kaufmann | > 25 years operational & consulting experience in medium-sized companies | Board member | Industry focus: Technology & service industry | International experience: Europe, USA, Asia | Strategy, Management models, M&A, Mentoring

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Kerstin Ventroni

MSc Industrial and Communications Psychology | Certified systemic coach (dbvc) | > 15 years operational & consulting experience in Media and Service companies | International experience: Europe, USA, Asia | Organisational development, Change Management, Coaching

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Chief Dog Officer

Lino, Chief Dog Officer

Master of Street Art | > 3 years operational and strategic charming of different teams | International experience: Europe | Nutrition Science, Relaxation Techniques, Team-Coaching

Where We Come From

How we work at acrossabridge is inextricably linked to where we come from.

Although we look back on a wide variety of experiences, one credo unites us: we work with entrepreneurial spirit, independence and humor.

Our strengths are our different professional backgrounds and life experiences as well as the courage to ask uncomfortable questions. We want to understand what really keeps our clients awake at night and we work in trusting relationships with them.

Projects take place in different industries. However, the consistent commitment of an organization to project work requires a look beyond the horizon to industries that work in projects as a standard form of organization: consultancies and other service providers, IT companies, media entrepreneurs and many areas of the technology industry.

We transfer our specific experiences from these industries and adapt them to the individual requirements of our clients when it comes to questions of the concrete connection of project and line organization.

Our customers understand strategy, entrepreneurship and corporate management as a package. They want to or have to question the status quo and use the best argument instead of organizing hierarchies. Most importantly, they want to build on a true entrepreneurial perspective that goes beyond traditional ownership models.

We are at your side in these processes of change with humor, empathy, a keen eye for connections and analytical reason.

Advisory Board

Gabriele Sons, Advisor

Lawyer/Journalist | > 20 years experience as Member of Executive Boards, Advisory Boards and as Managing Director in international public & private companies | Human Resources, Legal, Compliance and Communication

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Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Jochen Zimmermann, Advisor

Professor for General Business Administration, Corporate accounting & Controlling | > 25 years research & teaching on corporate management and control | International experience: Europe, USA, Caucasus

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