acrossabridge is the service provider for the success management of service firms.

In times of intense competition, scarce resources and rising client expectations, managing a company in complete alignment with its strategy becomes the guarantor for enterprise value and stability. Those companies that consistently align their processes and procedures with their strategy are more successful and have a more sustainable market presence.

Our consultants help our clients to use all their growth potential, increase their company value and create stable and attractive organziations by providing content oriented mentoring & personal coaching as well as designing individual management models.

Our clients benefit from our many years of international experience in professional services, IT- and technology consulting as well as communications consulting.

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Service companies have a variety of specific challenges as they tend to be project oriented and work with their own resources. The business is scaled almost exclusively via the employees and their customer relationships. This direct connection between profits and customer satisfaction as well as the dependency on a happy workforce require complete alignment of strategy, employees, processes, organization and culture as well as IT systems.

Operational excellence is the benchmark and becomes a strategic advantage.

  • Strengthen your organization through transparent implementation of your strategy.
  • Use improved and automated processes that are in complete alignment with your strategy for better margins.
  • Increase the ¬†motivation of your workforce by enabling them to work more intelligently.

acrossabridge is a competent, trustworthy and hands-on partner on your way to a management model that is setting industry standards.



A 2018 survey of consulting firms, engineering companies and other professional service firms conducted by Deltek shows:

  • "2 out of 5 companies have no clear idea which projects or customers are profitable.
  • 53% of respondents do not know if they need to hire new employees or reduce overcapacity in 3 to 4 months.
  • Only 49% of the surveyed companies measure their utilization.
  • 58% of respondents spend hundreds of hours reporting. At the same time, 57% say that their reports are too late for important decisions. 53% of respondents complain that the available reports and evaluations only look back and only offer limited insights into the future. "

This is an alarming picture as the management of every service company has to ensure optimal utilization of its employees, the best possible fees and minimizing the costs of the organization. Transparency for the people working in the organization on the economic and management models is therefore essential.

We see three key pillars for the management of professional service firms:

The strategy. Which usually defines goals, differentiation, customers & geography as well as services & price.

The management model. Consisting of leadership, culture, structure and governance as well as people systems.

The ERP or PSA system. Which is used to manage the core processes of the PSF: client, project, employee.

acrossabridge enables their clients to put their management models to the test to secure past and enable future success.

Improving client development, optimizing utilization, increasing project margins, improving billing cycles and liquidity, or accelerating employee onboarding are potential areas for improvement.

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You want to buy or sell a professional service firm?

In times of high prices and in an environment in which the business is scaled almost exclusively via the employees and their customer relationships, buyers of companies mainly have two aspects in mind for securing their investments:

  • a holistic view of what makes a company and its employees successful, in order to create the best possible conditions for further development.
  • avoiding situations in which a booming market helps to cover up shortcomings in the management model.

Service companies have an increasing international presence as they follow their customers. In addition, knowledge-intensive companies from all sectors and in the context of digitization are under pressure to improve their own services and offer new services to their customers.

These aspects drive M&A activities in audit and tax consulting, management consulting, IT consulting, communications consulting and advertising, as well as technical services companies.

Again and again buyers face annoying situations. In the "best worst case" the buyer has "only" overpaid. In some cases, sellers have bought back their companies, sometimes at a discount and relatively short term after having partnered with another and often larger buyer. Or partners and employees have left the acquired company because the culture of the "new" company had changed too much. All these are signs that the management model is not seamlessly aligned with the strategy.

acrossabridge helps investors secure their investments by providing a holistic view of leadership, culture, structure and governance, as well as people systems, completing the standard due diligences, such as Financial, Tax and Legal.

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Enterprise Resource Planning or Professional Service Automation systems in service firms are almost always project-oriented. Like the management model, they follow the core processes of the industry and focus on three main cycles: client, project, employee.

  • Resource management for staffing projects can be significantly simplified with an integrated system. Optimized utilization easily translates into better margins and/or less stress for the staff.
  • Tracking project margins on an ongoing basis usually has a significant impact on project management practices and future profitability.
  • An integration of e.g. work in progress inventories or other financial processes will make your finance department happy.

And the list can be expanded.

Efficiency gains through automation, however, require well-thought-out processes and a high degree of adherence. The selection of a new IT system therefore gives many decision makers a headache as the methods, procedures and systems generally affect all areas of the company. The hurdles to start such a project are often high.

acrossabridge helps their clients with pragmatic advice and works hands-on to get your IT project started. First results are translated into target processes and more detailed specifications in order to quickly start with software selection. During the implementation phase and in cooperation with the system provider we are at your side to make sure the project comes to a successful conclusion.

At acrossabridge, we are convinced that intelligent processes more than functions determine the success of an IT project. For system selection, we work with our own market overview as well as vendor databases that support the selection and tendering process. This ensures a truly comprehensive market overview for our clients.

We design your individual performance ecosystem.

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