Our focus

If you are planning to move from a hierarchical line organization to a more project based organizational set up,  acrossabridge can bring their expertise to your project. .

Our consulting approach aims at building and reorganizing efficient entrepreneurial units that understand the difference between line and project organization and want or need to adapt their internal organization, communication and culture to changed requirements.

We are guided by the corporate strategy and at all times consider the demands the strategy places on the organization.

Independent of the industry we focus on all aspects that distinguish project work from a classic line organization, such as

  • an overarching strategic consideration of the corporate vision 
  • management of interdependencies between projects and teams of experts
  • knowledge management, fluid organizational units and changing ways of communication 
  • competence and people management as a key discipline for executives

Our certified diagnostic tool EXA (Employee Experience Assessment) determines the starting point for defining suitable change measures by providing a 360° diagnosis of the organization from the employees' point of view.

Our Mission

We believe that the strategic interests of companies and the (individual) interests of employees can to a great extent be permanently aligned.

We involve senior management when defining an assignment, adding the perspectives of employees.

The determination of the status quo and subsequent consulting can shine a light on numerous corporate strategy issues:

  • successful change from line to project organization (organizational change analysis)
  • reducing friction in M&A transactions as buyer or seller (strategic fit analysis)
  • greater clarity for future changes in regional or product strategy (strategic development analysis)
  • fast and accurate identification of drivers and resistances in the context of digitization initiatives (drivers of digitization analysis)

Organizational development for project organizations.


  • Employee Experience Assessment (EXA) is a certified method to determine the maturity level of a company with regard to internal organization, communication & culture from the perspective of the employees.
  • The results determine the starting point for an individual & tailor-made action plan for organizational development.
  • Also, the Employee Experience Assessment can always be used independently of the organizational form to get a clear picture of how employees view the organization they work for.


  • Setting up a project-oriented organization for the first time, poses a number of challenges - especially if working in a functional/hierarchical organization has a long standing tradition.
  • Consistently linking the results of the EXA with the corporate strategy allows our clients to define relevant fields of action in the corporate structure and culture as well as a realistic assessment of the anticipated speed of change.


  • In case the existing project organization is supposed to be rolled out within the company or department, the EXA results provide a valid basis for identifying improvement potential and best practices based on a consistent link to strategy.


  • Whether it is change or transformation, whether individual employees, managers or entire teams - coaching ensures viable and sustainable organizational and employee development.
  • Specific issues regarding the transition from a functional organization to a project organization are adressed in collaboration between coach and coachee in order to support the development of the organization in the best possible way.


  • Action items that arise as a result of an EXA-based organizational development project are identified and worked on.
  • Alignment with existing initiatives is crucial for success.